Dear Teachers,
Today, in education, we have a multitude of amazing, digital resources within our grasp in which to enrich the classroom learning environment. The following digital tools made my "short list" and are intended to assist and equip you, a 21st Century educator. Collectively, they cover a broad spectrum of direct applications ranging from focusing on the learner, the teacher, time management, communication strategies, modeling digital citizenship and a whole lot more. Have fun with your students as you learn and grow together!!!

TOOL- Google Url ShortnerDirect Application:

TOOL- VolunteerSpotDirect Application:
  • Volunteer Spot's an incredibly efficient way to schedule activities or events with today's busy parents
  • Activities planner, sign-ups and email reminders
  • And it's Free!


TOOL: Tube Chop
Direct Application: Iditarod Project using Google Earth-


TOOL- Drop BoxDirect Application: The Cinderella Project- a collaborative project where multiple groups needed access to the same collection of pictures

TOOL- Tagzedo
Direct Application: Tagzedo your school's website and see which words show up to describe what you're all about.



TOOL- amaztypeDirect Application: Type in a topic. Take a screen shot. Voila! You now have a banner or header to use on your classroom website.
Dr. Seuss.png


TOOL- IPEVO Point 2 View Document Camera
Direct Application: An affordable document camera with many classroom applications (i.e. examing 3-dimensional objects, video conferencing, taking pictures, ...)


TOOL- Google FormDirect Application: Collect information from any sized group into a single online spreadsheet- great for polling students, parents or colleagues.

TOOL- Edmodo
Direct Application:
  • This is a GEM! Sign up for free today, play, explore, learn and enjoy!
  • Engaging students in a safe, blended-learning environment where digital life skills can be learned and applied
  • Edmodo Communities connects teachers with teachers to exchange ideas


TOOL- ThingLinkDirect Application: If a picture's worth a thousand words, what's a picture embedded with text, links, video and more pictures worth? An amazing presentation tool.Tips:
  • I had a couple technical questions and the support from Neil and Jonus (the men behind this cool tool) was amazing! They also provided me with an upgrade and made the offer good for any of you if you shoot them an email. Have fun with this one!