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Ashley Sanchez
Kindergarten Teacher
Bethany Lutheran Church & School

What is Skype?
Skype is a great tool used to keep in contact with friends and family. Skype is also used to share our story to people all over the world that you have never me. Not only is Skype of HD quality, it is FREE, which is great for teachers. To Skype means to experience different cultures and meet new people from around the world.

Why do I have my students Skype?
I use Skype in my classroom because not only do my students get to experience another culture, language and classroom environment, but they get to meet new friends. Skype is a great way to share lessons with other teachers, stories, songs and even resources in general.

Resource Links:

Skyping with a students in New Zealand

Video 1: The New Zealander school children sang a good-bye song to the Bethany students.

Video 2: Students take turns reading stories to one another.